Registration Questions

What types of organizations can participate in FundingFactory's program?

FundingFactory is open to all school and nonprofit organizations (Causes) throughout the contiguous United States.

How do I register for FundingFactory?

Easy, right here! Good decision ;)

Is there a fee to register or participate in FundingFactory's program?

Nope! FundingFactory is a 100% free program. Period.

Other organizations in my area are already participating. Should I sign up too?

Absolutely! Cartridges can be collected from outside of your community and even outside of your state. Once you set up your organization's Goal page you can spread the news about your new eco-friendly fundraising program.

Can for-profit businesses participate in FundingFactory's program?

Businesses can recycle to support any organization of their choice. (Organizations must be a registered participant of FundingFactory.) Businesses can register here.

Once I register, how do I get started?

Participants will automatically be emailed a digital Jump-start Guide containing all the information you need to get started.

The FundingFactory coordinator at our organization recently left, now I'm in charge, what do I do?

There are two options:

  1. If you know your group's log in information, go to to update your personal contact information under the Account Information tab.
  2. If you do not know your group's log in information, simply call our helpful Customer Service Team at 888/883-8237.

Items to Recycle

What items does FundingFactory accept for recycling?

FundingFactory accepts toner and inkjet printer cartridges from our Qualifying List that are undamaged and not previously remanufactured, unless noted otherwise.

What is a Qualifying List?

FundingFactory's Qualifying List displays the toner and inkjet printer cartridges, including their values, that your group will earn credit for. This list updates on a quarterly basis. Items that are on the Qualifying List but are broken or remanufactured will not receive payment. View the Qualifying List.

Do you accept toner tubes for recycling?

No, FundingFactory does not take toner tubes. Please visit or contact your local recycling facility to find out how to dispose of these items responsibly.

I have cartridges that are not on FundingFactory's Qualifying List. What should I do with them?

If you send non-qualifying toner or inkjet printer cartridges to FundingFactory, you will not be paid for them.

Please send all non-qualifying items to your local recycling facility as it reduces packaging materials and transportation emissions.

Are you able to send back some of the items I shipped?

FundingFactory processes very high volumes of product each day. We are unable to send your items back to you.

Is there a risk associated with handling printer cartridges?

Printer cartridges are not considered toxic and do not pose a threat.